What Operating System is the iPad Going to Run On

After much speculation, Apple’s long-rumored entry into tablet computing has arrived. The most awaited gadget of 2010 is the sleek and resourceful e-book reader which also helps you in staying updated. It is the iPad.

With a 9.7inch screen and a rechargeable non-removable battery, the Operating System of iPad is iPhone OS3.2. It will run only on software downloaded from Apple’s App Store. The more intuitive multi-touch screen helps you experience the web, send mail, listen to music, watch films and read e-books. Linked with the internet through WiFi and 3G, you can access different websites and download almost anything. The iTunes Store has around 300,000+ Apps. No matter what you need there’s bound to be an app for it.

This is Apple’s attempt at blending all recent advancements in modern computing in one product. Well, critics say otherwise.

If you are used to multi-tasking, which is the need of the day, iPad cannot do what your less than $200 notebook does. The device is completely camera-less and there is no iChat feature. The virtual keyboard can prove to be a liability. It is too wide for thumb typing yet awkward enough for regular typing. A physical keyboard can be docked in but are you in a mood to lug that around? Priced at $499, it may fit your budget but it is not sized to fit your pocket. Again, if you are so used to your OSX operating system and looking for something similar, you are in for some disappointment. The iPad uses a version of the iPhone’s operating system. And to make matters sound worse, there is no cellular or GPS connection.


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